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fanmix ; how to save a life ; joan redfern/john smith

Medium: Television
Fandom: Doctor Who
Subject: Joan Redfern/John Smith, The Doctor.
Title: How to Save A Life
Notes: A view on Joan and John's goodbyes and how Joan can't be with the Doctor instead.



I Will Not Forget You - Sarah McLachlan
"The Timelord has such adventures, and yet he could never have a life like that"

I remember the nights I watched as you lay sleeping
Your body gripped by some far away dream
Well I was so scared and so in love then
And so lost in all of you that I had seen

I remember when you left in the morning at daybreak
To go back to the one who possesses your soul

And I will oh I will not forget you
Nor will I ever let you go
I will oh I will not forget you

Between the Lines - Sara Bareilles
"I'm sorry John, but you wrote about it. The blue Box. You dreamt of a blue box."

My memory is cruel
Im queen of attention to details
Defending intentions if he fails
Until now, he told me her name
It sounded familiar in a way
I could have sworn i'd heard him say it ten thousand times
If only i had been listening

Leave unsaid unspoken
Eyes wide shut unopened
You and me
Always between the lines
Between the lines

Goodbye To You - Michelle Branch
"If I could do this for you then I would. I - I'd hoped... but my hopes aren't important."

Tears form behind my eyes
But I do not cry

The last three years were just pretend
And I said

Goodbye to you
Goodbye to everything I thought I knew
You were the one I loved
The one thing that I tried to hold on to

My Sundown - Jimmy Eat World
"He's asleep, waiting to be woken." - "What are you going to do?"

I said my goodbye's this is my sundown.
I'm gonna be so much more than this.

Good Goodbye, lovely time
Good Goodbye, tinsel shine
Good Goodbye, I'll be fine
Good Goodbye, good goodnight.

Tonight And The Rest of My Life - Nina Gordon
"Oh, low level telepathic fields, you were born with it- ...Is That how he talks?"

When the dream dissolves
I open up my eyes
I realize that
Everything is shoreless sea
A weightlessness is passing over me

Everything is waves and stars
The universe is resting in my arms

Ashes and Wine - A Fine Frenzy
"Can you change back?" - "Yes." - "Will You?" - "No."

Shut it out
I've got no claim on you now
Not allowed to wear your freedom down

I'll tear myself away
That is what you need
There is nothing left to say

Is there a chance?
A fragment of light at the end of the tunnel?
A reason to fight?
Is there a chance you may change your mind?
Or are we ashes and wine?

How to Save a Life - The Fray
"You must forgive my rudeness, I find it difficult to look at you ... Doctor. Must call you Doctor..."

He smiles politely back at you
You stare politely right on through
Some sort of window to your right
As he goes left and you stay right
Between the lines of fear and blame
And you begin to wonder why you came

You will admit to everything
Or he'll say he's just not the same
And you'll begin to wonder why you came

Let Him Fly - Patty Griffin
"Answer me this: If the Doctor had never visited us, never chosen this place on a whim, would anybody here have died? ... You can go."

Ain't no talkin to this man
Ain't no pretty other side
Ain't no way to understand the stupid words of pride
It would take an acrobat, and I already tried all that so
I'm gonna let him fly

Happy Ending - MIKA
"John Smith is dead, and you look like him."

This is the way you left me,
I'm not pretending.
No hope, no love, no glory,
No Happy Ending.
This is the way that we love,
Like it's forever.
Then live the rest of our life,
But not together.

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